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If I Cancel, Does This Also Dissolve My LLC With The State?
If I Cancel, Does This Also Dissolve My LLC With The State?

Understanding the Cancellation and Dissolution Process

Updated over a week ago

Unfortunately, canceling your WorkMade account does not automatically dissolve your LLC with the state. Dissolving an LLC is a separate process that requires submitting the appropriate documentation to the Secretary of State.

Steps to Dissolve Your LLC

  1. Prepare Dissolution Documents

    1. Each state has specific forms and procedures for dissolving an LLC. Visit your state’s Secretary of State website to find the required documents.

  2. Submit the Documents

    1. Follow the instructions for submitting the dissolution documents to the state office. This may include paying a filing fee.

  3. Confirm Dissolution

    1. Once processed, you will receive confirmation that your LLC has been officially dissolved.

Consider Using a Dissolution Service

There are many dissolution services available that can handle this process for you automatically for a fee. These services can simplify the process and ensure that all necessary steps are completed correctly.

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