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How do I ensure that my name for my LLC isn't taken?
How do I ensure that my name for my LLC isn't taken?

Ensuring Your LLC Name is Unique

Updated over a week ago

When going through the LLC creation process, it's crucial to ensure your desired business name is available.

Here's how you can check:

Steps to Verify Your LLC Name

  1. Use the Provided Link ✉️

    1. We’ll give you a link to check with your local Secretary of State. This is a very important step to avoid delays in your process.

  2. Double Check 👀

    1. There is, unfortunately, no automated way for us to check for your LLC name's availability, so we rely on you to double-check before submitting.

Important Tips

  • Avoid Restricted Words 🚫

    • Please don’t use vulgar words, or words like "LLC" or "Trust" in your name, or it will be rejected by the Secretary of State.

  • Be Unique 🤩

    • Ensure your name is unique and not too similar to existing business names to avoid any legal issues.

Why This Step is Important

Verifying the availability of your desired LLC name is crucial to avoid any rejections or delays in your filing process. It ensures that your business name is compliant with state regulations and helps establish your brand identity from the get-go.

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