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Get Started With Invoices
Get Started With Invoices

Creation, Management, and Tracking of Invoices

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WorkMade offers robust invoicing tools to help you manage your business transactions with ease.

  • Automated Invoicing 🤖

    • Create and send professional invoices quickly.

  • Recurring Invoices 🔁

    • Set up recurring invoices for regular clients, complete with automated reminders and due dates.

  • Multiple Payment Options 💰

    • Accept payments via credit/debit cards, bank transfers, wire transfers, and checks. You can also allow clients to add tips.

  • Customizable Invoice Details 🧙

    • Add detailed line items, optional messages, and attachments or links to your invoices.

  • Easy Contact Management ☎️

    • Save and manage client contact details for future use.

  • Draft and Preview ✍️

    • Save invoices as drafts and preview them before sending to ensure accuracy.

Create An Invoice

  1. Open the WorkMade app and navigate to the Balance screen

  2. Click the "+" button

  3. Tap "Invoices"

  4. Tap "Add +"

  5. Add an optional Invoice Title and edit the Invoice ID to match your records

  6. Enter a new company/client name and email address

    1. When you create a contact, you can also use these contacts in the address book for future invoices

  7. Set scheduling which can be either:

    1. One Time

    2. or, Recurring with each having send dates, due dates, and automated reminders before the due dates

  8. Add an optional message

  9. Choose the Due date

Adding Items

  1. Tap "+ Add Item" to add another line

  2. Add quantity if applicable

Selecting Payment Options

  1. Select the Payment methods you’d like to provide your client:
    ​Credit or debit card: 2.9% + 30¢ per invoice
    ​Pay by Bank: 1% with a minimum of $1 per transaction
    ​Wire Transfer: 1% with a minimum of $1 per transaction
    ​Check: No-Fee

You can turn off all payment options if your client pays you via direct deposit or uses additional payment methods on their behalf.


You can also add an option for a tip from your client which will give them the option to tip you.

  • The tip will be charged at the same rate as the payment option your client accepts.

  • Tips are only available on card and pay by bank transactions.

Adding Attachments or Links

  • If applicable, upload an attachment or links

Preview and Send

  1. Click next once a recipient, amount, and schedule has ben sent

  2. Before sending your invoice, select Preview in the bottom left-hand corner to view your invoice as your customer will see it.

    1. Note: You can also click Save as Draft to save the current version to work on later

  3. Click Send once you’ve completed the preview

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