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How does WorkMade work?
How does WorkMade work?

We simplify finances for the self-employed.

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We designed WorkMade to be almost zero work for you.

We’re able to do this because of your WorkMade Bank account* and Mastercard debit card.

There are two steps to Workmade:

  1. When you join - if you have been freelancing already - we'll scan your bank and credit card to help parse out freelance items to figure out what you may owe today. We'll help you get a fresh start and make sure you aren't behind on your taxes

  2. Afterwards, you can direct all your self-employed income into your account, and use your debit card for all of your business expenses. We automate the rest!

    We’ll track your write-offs, calculate taxes owed each quarter and even put aside the correct amount from each of your paychecks for your taxes.

    When taxes are due, we’ll pay them for you. You can rest easy knowing you're caught up with your book keeping each quarter going forward.

*WorkMade accounts are offered by Piermont Bank, Member FDIC. Your deposits are insured up to the $250,000 federal deposit insurance limit.

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