Who Can Use WorkMade?

Perfect for Self-Employed Professionals

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WorkMade is designed to simplify finances for anyone earning self-employment income and filing taxes as an independent contractor in the U.S.

Why Choose WorkMade?

Whether you're working full-time on your own or juggling a side hustle, WorkMade has you covered. Our platform is built to handle the unique needs of self-employed individuals, making financial management a breeze.

WorkMade is ideal if you are a:

  • Freelancer 🤸

    • Manage your projects and clients seamlessly.

  • Sole Proprietor 🤝

    • Keep your business finances organized and efficient.

  • 1099 Contractor 🔨

    • Track your income and expenses with ease.

  • Single-Member LLC 👤

    • Streamline your bookkeeping and tax preparations.

Comprehensive Support

  • Full-Time or Part-Time ⏲️

    • Use WorkMade regardless of your work hours.

  • Side Hustles to Businesses-of-One 🧗

    • From small gigs to running your own show, we’ve got your back.

NOTE: Currently, we do not support taxes for S-corps, C-corps, or Non-Profits.

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