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Simplify Your Tax Filing with WorkMade
Simplify Your Tax Filing with WorkMade

Tax Solutions for Every Filing Status

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No matter your filing status—single, married, head of household, or qualifying widow(er)—WorkMade can handle your taxes. We factor in your specific status during the estimation process to ensure accuracy.

How WorkMade Helps You File Your Taxes

  • Self-Employment Taxes

    • We include your filing status during our tax calculations to ensure accuracy.

  • Income Consideration

    • We account for all your income sources, including salaried and freelance earnings, to provide a comprehensive tax estimation.

  • Tax Rate Assessment

    • The IRS assesses your tax rate based on your total income, including all sources. This helps us estimate your taxes accurately.

Filing Status and Its Impact

WorkMade supports various filing statuses to ensure your taxes are calculated correctly:

  • Single Filing

    • Calculates your taxes based solely on your individual income and expenses.

  • Married Filing Jointly

    • Includes both your and your spouse's income, expenses, and W2 information for a combined tax calculation.

  • Married Filing Separately

    • Each spouse reports their own income and deductions separately.

  • Head of Household

    • For those who are unmarried and pay more than half the cost of keeping up a home for themselves and a qualifying person.

  • Qualifying Widow(er)

    • Provides benefits similar to married filing jointly if your spouse has passed away and you meet certain criteria.

Including all relevant income details ensures accurate tax estimations and filings. For further details, refer to the IRS guidelines on tax filing statuses here.

📓 Each tax situation is unique. WorkMade provides general info based on guidelines from tax authorities, which may change over time. For more details, refer to Regulation CC.

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