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Paying Quarterly Taxes with WorkMade
Paying Quarterly Taxes with WorkMade

Stay on Top of Your Tax Obligations with Ease

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Paying quarterly estimated taxes is crucial for freelancers and self-employed individuals to avoid underpayment penalties and interest charges. It ensures that you are meeting your tax obligations throughout the year, rather than facing a large bill at the end of the year.

To pay your quarterly estimated taxes using WorkMade, follow these steps:

  1. Open the WorkMade app and navigate to the Taxes section in the navigation bar.

  2. Tap on "Pay Taxes"

    • Note: This option is only available during a tax payment window, which occurs several days leading up to the end of a quarter.

  3. Update Your Tax Profile

    • Before making a payment, you will be prompted to ensure your tax profile is up to date for the most accurate calculation.

  4. Review Your Tax Overview

    • You’ll receive an overview of your taxes, including how much WorkMade has saved you.

  5. Click "Pay Taxes"

We’ll keep you updated when your taxes are received and approved by the IRS. Afterward, we'll start saving for your next tax quarter.

Enabling Auto Pay for Taxes

With Auto Pay for Taxes enabled, WorkMade will automatically pay your estimated tax amount each quarter if the amount is above $100 (or the available amount in your tax savings).

  1. Go to Settings in the WorkMade app.

  2. Navigate to the Taxes Section.

  3. Toggle the "Auto Pay for Taxes" switch to enable automatic payments.

  4. Confirm your choice to ensure the setting is active.

By following these steps, you can stay on top of your tax obligations without any hassle 😌!

📓 Each tax situation is unique. WorkMade provides general info based on guidelines from tax authorities, which may change over time. For more details, refer to Regulation CC.

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